North Star Owner’s Association Architectural Design Guidelines


The Architectural Design Guidelines provide a framework by which the Committee can review, process and approve the residential development at North Star. All owners will comply with the following procedures: A fee of one dollar per square foot of improved, enclosed space in the home, garage and out buildings shall be paid at the time of submittal of plans for review, along with signed copies of the Architectural Guidelines and the bond letter explaining the holding of the one dollar per square foot fee. This fee ensures that the property owner is indeed serious about their intent to build in North Star and the fee may be used by the North Star Owner’s Association in the event any work is undertaken to rectify conditions covered in the Construction Regulations, section of this document. Proof of financial responsibility may also be required by the North Star Owner’s Association during the review process. This fee will be placed in escrow in an Association account to be refunded at completion of the project in conformance with approved  plans as determined by the Architectural Control Committee
upon Final Site Inspection.

All plans must be accompanied with a signed copy of the North Star Village HOA’s Architectural Code, the signed Bond Money Letter and the funds required to satisfy this fee, in order for the Board to review them.

North Star Village HOA’s Architectural Code

Bond Money Letter