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Q: How much are the dues at North Star and when are they due?

The 2023 annual dues are $741.00. They are due by February 1st of each year. Please include your North Star physical address on your check. Dues received after February 1st will begin accruing late fees. Properties more than one year overdue will have liens filed and properties overdue more than one year are subject to foreclosure. Please send to the address below:

North Star Village
P.O. Box 7
Breckenridge, CO 80424

Q: What do the dues at North Star include?

The Association provides summer road maintenance and winter snow plowing, It also has a master insurance policy on Association owned property.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the Association?

When you purchase a property in North Star you sign a Membership Agreement which explains what being a member entails. Yes, you do have to become a member to own in North Star which entitles you to use our private roads. Being a current HOA dues paying member keeps you in good standing.

Q: Who do we report loose dogs to?

Loose dogs should be reported to Summit County Animal Control. The Animal Control has asked us to take a photo of the loose dog so they can address the situation with the owner. If you know the address and name of the dog owner it is also helpful to provide that information. Please call Animal control to report violations 970-668-8600.

Q: Is driveway plowing included in the dues?

No. Your dues primarily pay to maintain the private roads in North Star. There are several private contractors you may hire to do snow removal. Please be aware that moving snow from your drive into or across the road is illegal and you will be fined by the county and the association for doing so. Each homeowner is required to provide adequate parking and snow storage on their own property.

Q: What kind of wildlife is in North Star?

North Star is home to a wide variety of wildlife including squirrel, chipmunk, fox, deer, bear, pine marten, mountain lion, and moose. Because these animals are wild we ask that you use common sense and keep them wild. No matter how cute they look please do not feed any wild animal. Also, never place garbage out before or after your garbage day as it attracts many species of wildlife including crow and bear. Bears are smart and will return where they have found food in the past. In 2016 we had bear in the neighborhood knocking over garbage cans making a mess and creating a dangerous situation for people out walking. Please be responsible and remember a “fed bear is a dead bear”. You never know when you might come across a wild animal in North Star, and it is illegal for your dog to chase them, so please be responsible and walk your dog on a leash. Moose and dogs are natural enemies. Protect your dog by keeping them leashed. Colorado Parks and Wildlife handle all wildlife issues, 970-824-6501.

Q: Are those Pine trees in North Star and is there a Beetle problem?

The majority of trees in North Star are Spruce and Fir and Lodgepole Pine. Due to our high elevation and cold nights the pine beetle problem has not been as bad in North Star. The forest surrounding North Star is all old growth and fire mitigation is important. We recommend you contact Red, White, & Blue for a no risk fire mitigation assessment so you may make sure your home is protected. Red, White, & Blue will also provide a free address number sign that they will place in a location easy to see from the road in case of emergency. You may contact them at

Q. Do I need a permit to modify my house (e.g. add a hot tub)?

Yes. Summit County has a website that shows what permits are required for new construction, alterations and remodels.

Q: How much snow does North Star get, do I need a 4-wheel drive vehicle?

North Star is known locally for being a high snow area in an area which receives a high amount of snow. All of our lots are over 11,000 feet in elevation so use common sense and be sure you have a vehicle that can handle a variety of weather conditions. We live in a high alpine environment. We have snow and ice packed roads for most of the winter months and we do not see the road base until well into April most years even after the roads are plowed. You will absolutely need a 4-wheel drive or all wheel drive vehicle with adequate tires (snow tires or chains are recommended). If you rent your home it is your responsibility to let renters know the type of vehicle they should have to safely navigate our roads.