Board of Directors

President: Curtis Gallagher

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Vice President: Arlin Bostian

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Secretary: Laurie Pope

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Treasurer: Linda Miller

Click here to contact about amounts due, fines, late fees, status requests, request results of the annual audit or request a copy of the annual budget or the statement of income and expenditures.

Architectural Chair: Linda Miller

Click here to contact about any architectural questions, when building or making alterations to your property.

Board Member: Glory Crenshaw

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Board Member: Robert Gearing

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Other HOA Groups


Neighborhood Improvement Working Group
This group has made us a Firewise community, streamlined the snow plow process, added/replaced signs, updated our website, and (hopefully) engaged a Community Property Management firm. We are looking for additional ideas and/or volunteers.
Click here to contact about volunteering or to make suggestions.


Web Services
Robert Gearing. Click here to contact about anything web related.

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