Thinking of Building in North Star?


All new construction requires a Wetlands Delineation as part of your submittal to Summit County for a permit. You cannot build on Wetlands in Summit County! Summit County has adopted a “no net loss policy for wetlands in unincorporated Summit County”. 

You may look on the Summit County GIS site to see if the delineation has already been done and the lot you are looking at is listed as a wetlands and thus is likely to be unbuildable. The price of the lot may be reflective of the ability to build on the lot. To get this delineation done you need an Authorized Professional Wetlands Expert to come to your lot in the summer months, late May-August. They will write up a report on your lot and let you know if your lot is buildable and if so where on the lot you may or may not build. Many of the remaining lots in North Star are questionable.

The last word is with the Summit County Building Department. Please contact the Summit County Building Permit Department at 970-668-4085 for further information, as well as, a list of contacts for authorized wetlands inspectors.

Please refer to North Star Village Resources for architectural guidelines and other information.

Code of the West

North Star Village is located at the edge of Summit County. This presents many challenges for those who live in our High Alpine environment. There are different levels of services in the rural areas of Summit County than in the more urban areas. The Summit County Road & Bridge Department provides this document, The Code of the West, to explain the different challenges a homebuyer or homebuilder might encounter as a result of living in this unincorporated part of the county.