Thinking of Building in North Star?

While we love to encourage neighbors to improve and enhance their homes, the Association has a responsibility to ensure that all projects are completed with an eye to quality and with the suitable application of materials while ensuring sensitivity to North Star Village residents, as well as preserving the architectural character of the neighborhood. This is why we require neighbors to submit plans for review and approval by the Design Review Administrator (DRA) before any projects begin.

Please submit all Design Review Applications to Tim Lacy at


As per the regulations of Summit County, a Wetlands Delineation is mandatory for all new constructions when applying for a permit. Building on wetlands is strictly prohibited in Summit County. The county has adopted a “no net loss policy for wetlands in unincorporated Summit County”. To determine if the lot you are interested in is buildable, you can visit the Summit County GIS site to check if the Wetlands Delineation has already been conducted and if the lot is listed as a wetland. The price of the lot may reflect its buildability. To get the delineation done, you need to hire an Authorized Professional Wetlands Expert who will visit your lot between late May and August. They will assess your lot and submit a report indicating if it is buildable and where on the lot you can or cannot build. In North Star, many of the remaining lots are questionable, so it’s always better to be cautious.

The Summit County Building Department has the final say on granting permits. You can contact them at 970-668-4085 for further information and a list of authorized wetlands inspectors.

Code of the West

North Star Village is situated on the outskirts of Summit County, which poses various difficulties for the residents of our high-altitude terrain. There are varying levels of services available between the rural and urban areas of Summit County. To clarify the unique challenges that homebuyers or homebuilders may face while living in this unincorporated part of the county, the Summit County Road & Bridge Department has provided The Code of the West document.