Because North Star Village is over 11,000 ft elevation we get a lot of snow! As a result, we have what is considered “Alpine Conditions.” This means the temperature stays low enough that our roads typically remain snow and sometimes ice-covered from late October through the end of May even after they are plowed.

     Although the speed limit indicates 25 mph that is the top speed for our neighborhood and in the winter common sense dictates that any time the temperature is below zero, especially in the early morning hours and late at night, you should slow down too well under the limit. Ice-covered roads exist all winter and the only way to prevent running off of the road is to use common sense and slow down around curves and at stop signs.

     Be sure you and any visitors to your home have a vehicle that can handle snow and ice. This means a 4WD or AWD will be a more practical choice in North Star for winter driving. Snow tires and/or chains are also highly recommended.

     Also, be aware that our snow plowing service is not a tow service. Keeping our roads clear is their priority and takes them several hours. If you or your guests get stuck you will need to call a tow truck, not the snowplowing service.


     At no time is parking allowed on any roadway as our roads must remain open for others to travel, snow removal, and emergency vehicle access.


     You are responsible for removing snow from your property and ensuring you have adequate space in your driveway for any cars that will be parked there in any season.

     Per Colorado law, snow may never be blown, shoveled, or plowed into the road. You must have adequate snow storage space on your property as well as spaces to park any vehicles on your property. Failure to do so creates a dangerous situation for everyone and will be reported to the authorities and will result in a fine from the HOA.

     Please see the Snow Conditions tab for information about plowing the roads.