Dark Skies – Please Turn Your Lights Out! 

     If you are a second homeowner or rent your home be sure to install light timers on your exterior lights so they are never on overnight. The HOA membership passed a more stringent Dark Sky policy for North Star Village homeowners. Lights should not be left on overnight and fixtures should be Dark Sky compliant.

     Homeowners who repeatedly leave lights on overnight will be subject to fines per the HOA by-laws and the new Dark Sky rule. Additionally, the Summit County Dark Sky ordinance states that all spot-type lights must have a full cut-off feature or they are prohibited altogether. Due to the high wind conditions in North Star motion-sensing lights are impractical and are not a replacement for a timer. All lights should be pointed down or any that are not Dark Sky compliant should be off by 10 p.m.

Please be a good neighbor and turn off your outside lights!