For information about Firewise status or any questions please contact our representatives via either of the two contact forms at the end of this page or the form to the right of this page to contact both.

We are now a Firewise Community

Our HOA has been awarded two grants equaling $55,000. First, we have been awarded a grant for two fire cisterns that will be located in the northern section of the neighborhood on Hamilton Ln. and the west end of Kimmes. The Bostian’s have graciously agreed to allow the HOA to place a cistern in the back of their property and the other will be located on Summit County Open Space land. These cisterns will add to the two existing cisterns in our neighborhood and make it a safer place to live!

The second grant is for new road name signs. The new signs will also make our neighborhood safer by replacing the faded, broken, and in some cases, missing signs.

Each year our neighborhood must apply for renewal to the Firewise Community program. This year we are well on our way to qualifying again. Our next slash pick up will be the week of August 13, 2018. Please make sure you have your piles neatly stacked in no larger than 5’ X 5’ piles near the road. Any work you do for wildfire mitigation or have hired out counts toward our total hours for re-qualification. Please e-mail Sue Hewitt or Laurie Pope your address, number of hours and type of work done toward wildfire mitigation via the neighborhood website:

Thanks for all of your hard work in making our neighborhood safer!

While some wildfire mitigation is simple, such as moving firewood away from your
home in the summer, removing flammable items from under decks, and cutting down
weeds close to your home, others like removing dead or dying trees, or trees located
too close to your home, can be costly. Toward this end we will be working toward
getting grants for our owners who would like to take a proactive approach. We will
be having mitigation contractors looking at lots to give us estimates of the cost of
removal and we will be working toward grants that may provide homeowners with a 50%
reduction on the cost of having these dangers removed from your property. We are
also seeking a grant for two firewater cisterns for North Star.

We would like to thank the homeowners who took the time to do wildfire mitigation on
their properties prior to October to help us receive this status! All property
owners will be receiving a letter explaining the program and how you can prepare
your property to be more resistant to danger in a wildfire, or fire situation. This
is an ongoing effort and each year we need to keep track of the hours property
owners worked or the amount of money the property owner spent to have wildfire
mitigation performed. A special thanks to the Hendersons, Bostians, Gearings, Popes, Hewitts, Quimbys, and the Roenbaughs for their efforts in 2017, and the Montgomerys, Gallaghers, and Fairbrothers for efforts toward our next year’s goal!

We plan to have a work day this summer to do wildfire mitigation (primarily limbing)
around the arch at the entrance to our neighborhood sometime prior to the slash
collection. More information will be provided closer to that time. This is an
important effort for our Firewise status for next year.

If you complete any wildfire mitigation activity on your property from now until
next October please send this information to either Laurie Pope, or Sue Hewitt using either of the two contact forms provided below.

Let’s remain a Firewise Community!

Please use the form below if you will be doing or having any work done in relation to wildfire mitigation on your property. Our community needs to keep a record of our hours which will count toward our wildfire mitigation efforts for 2018. This type of activity includes moving items that could be hazardous further from your home, cutting down dry grass, and removing limbs and slash to be collected by county slash removal. (Please check our website for dates the county chipping program will be in our neighborhood).

If you, or someone you hire, participate by piling and removing slash or any other fire mitigation effort on your property please let us know. To become a Firewise Community we neighbors need to show how much time we have put toward wildfire mitigation efforts. 

Please send us an e-mail with the number of people who participated in these efforts on your property and the hours it took to complete the task.

Many homeowners in neighborhoods in Summit County have experienced difficulties obtaining and keeping insurance due to wildfire danger and this distinction for our neighborhood shows that are willing to put in the effort to minimize the risk of wildfire in North Star Village. This may help keep our homeowner insurance rates down.



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Red, White & Blue

The Red, White & Blue fire department will create and install a brown house number sign that can be easily seen at night and by emergency vehicles. They will come to your home and do a free wildfire defensible space inspection which may help reduce your homeowner’s insurance premium. For a free sign or inspection contact them at

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